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One in 10 accidents occur when parking and manoeuvring

1,350 parking and reversing van casualties involving commercial vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes resulted in deaths or serious injuries to drivers and passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists in 2021.

That figure climbed to over 23,000 where the accident did not involve direct ‘human’ impact but almost certainly effect the business.

VAN, downtime costs an average of £550 a day per van, whilst average UK repair bills stand at £2,678.

Cameras and sensors reduce the chance of serious harm or injury to drivers and other road users. Ed Barrie, from SM UK, said: “Figures show how parking and reversing can be troublesome for commercial vehicle drivers.

He said “Our Halo Kit, equipped with cameras, sensors, and many in cab safety features, allows fleet managers and owners that peace of mind”.

SM UK can fit a host of safety features … CLICK HERE for an enquiry form.

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