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The latest Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations

Construction sites can be extremely challenging and unpredictable environments. Therefore, maintaining safety at all times can be very difficult. On construction sites, the need for safety is paramount, particularly as the slightest mistake can have devastating consequences.

Standards introduced by the industry, such as CLOCS, specify fitting vehicle safety equipment to address such safety concerns. This equipment includes technology like 360-degree cameras, radars and warning alerts.


SM UK’s innovative products, Red Zone® was designed in-house to provide a safe working space when on site.

Red Zone® is ideal for vehicles that are working on site and are required to mark out their working area. Red Zone® alerts other on-site workers that the vehicle is in operation and gives a clear visible indication of the safe working space required for the vehicle operator.

Completely customisable, SM UK can create a ‘no-go’ area to take into consideration how and where your vehicle operates. Made up of several LEDs the Red Zone® system is installed in a position that limits interference and provides the most effective illumination during your routine operation of your vehicle on site.

For further information about SMUK and our range of commercial vehicle safety products, please speak to one of our friendly team on Tel: 0845 388 3816 E:

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