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The Importance of Incident Investigation for HGV Fleets

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If you're operating a fleet, then accidents are going to happen. Protect your Driver, your Business and your Brand.

About this event

If a vehicle in your fleet has an accident, it can have huge financial implications, as well as serious affects to your company's reputation. The best way to reduce the chances of incidents reoccurring, and reducing the associated costs, is to fully investigate the reasons behind the accident. In this morning meeting, we'll cover the best practice behind incident investigation, and the vital role camera systems play, making sure you leave with everything you need to know to help protect your business.

The event will take place on the 4th of March 2022, 8:30AM -10:30AM @ SM UK Tamworth.

Our industry experts will be covering:

  • Root Cause vs Claim & Blame

  • Using Technology for gathering information & establishing facts

  • The 'Golden Hour' following an accident

  • The power of 4G Live Access footage



08:30 - Breakfast Sandwich & Refreshments 08:45 – Introduction 08:50 – Road Safety Smart & Arch Law Presentation – Incident Investigation 09:30 – SM UK Brief - Camera Safety Systems & their role in investigations 09:40 – Q & A 09:45 – Refreshments & Workshop Tour 10:30 - Close

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