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SOOO...Why does SMUK fit Brigade Electronic Products? There's always a cheaper option, right!

There are lots of reasons why we have championed Brigade Electronic's Products; quality, reliability, technical support, and innovation to name just a few. For example, their latest ADAC win for the performance of their CAREYE®.

CAREYE® is a game changer and a welcome addition to their suit of safety products. This revolutionary AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera takes collision predictions to a whole new level, informing the driver of a spectrum of potential threats.

CAREYE® although not the cheapest, has outranked and outperformed any

other similar device currently on the market.

Cost V’s Death

It would seem obvious to any fleet manager that AI is the future, as deaths and serious injuries due to road traffic accidents, continue to escalate in various parts of the UK, with London still being the UK’s No1. In the UK 141 cyclists were killed due to roadside collision in 2020

with a further 229, 175 across Europe. One in three of these fatalities could have been

prevented with a side guard assistant, such as the CAREYE®.

Should cost be a feature? Of course, there is a limit to any fleet managers budget but with

escalating legal costs, record high insurance premiums and the courts being less sympathetic to HGV drivers, is it really worth switching to a BRIGADE alternative...

At SMUK we are genuinely passionate about keeping our roads as safe as we can, either

following government guidelines or by going that extra mile, or even above and beyond what is necessary. We therefore stand firmly with the BRIGADE kit, especially when a product such as the CAREYE comes onto the market.

SMUK's Managing Director, Steve MacDonald said...

“It’s true that fitting any quality safety kit can be expensive but can you afford not to?”

“What’s never measured is the lives we’ve saved… I understand why this is probably unmeasurable, but I think having these stats would show just how far the industry has come and how important it is to give our drivers every device possible to make our roads that much safer”

CAREYE® uses AI to accurately evaluate images from cameras fitted to the vehicle and can

calculate future motions of nearby people and objects. Based on this data, the system

reliably and accurately warns the driver in real-time of a possible collision or incident before

occurrence. Warnings are issued either actively with an audible response and visual red

alert if a person or object is at risk of being hit, or passively with a visual yellow alert if, for

example, a person or object is moving away from the danger zone, dramatically reducing

false alerts.

The accuracy of CAREYE ‘AI’ means that false alerts are extremely rare and gives the driver

peace of mind knowing that they can manoeuvre safely. The system differentiates between

cars, trucks, people, bicycles, and static objects, such as trees or bollards. Movement and

the expected direction are then calculated, ensuring the system is extremely trustworthy and reliable which can only lead to safer driving.

Products like these help Brigade Electronics stand firmly out from the crowd

…And that’s why SMUK uses Brigade Electronics!

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